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AIM Features

Here is our list of ever-expanding AIM features and capabilities. After you review this page, take a look at our AIM VIDEOS page for even more insight.

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Check Printer Integration

  • AIM prints checks directly from bills.

Common Libraries

Common libraries of information for Vendors, Physicians, and Contacts eliminated dual entry.

Complete Data Collection

All data is maintained, no archiving or summarizing of client activities.

Follow Up Functionality

Electronic post it notes for any record in the database as a reminder for items that need to be addressed again.

Single Entry

Never enter the same information after the first time.

Customizable System Profiles To Control Access

Profiles for the overall system, accounting and each individual authority type allowing users to designated access levels for any employee.

Development Updates Delivered Remotely

Development updates are pushed out through the replication process and never require installing updates on individual user machines.

Open Operations

Reports showing hours, billing amounts are open and available across staff members.

Privacy Protection

Built on IBM Lotus Notes platform offering industry leading 128 bit encryption. Data security is established at the both system and database levels with additional security integrated through profile access specifications.

Document Scanner Integration

Single click scans documents into electronic records attached to any client.

Financial Protection

Security policies for items such as vendor approval, check amounts, etc make it impossible for a single person to fraud the system.

Monthly Client Snap Shots

Separate historical records of all client accounts are automatically created on monthly basis.

Paperless Filing And Retrieval

Information collected on forms can be viewed in multiple ways and for different uses. Data Views work like active reports that are always up to date and live with customizable sorting.
Further, every record contains an Audit Trail allowing for attachments of additional documents such as Word & Excel files, photos, scanned documents etc.


In addition a master library is available as a way to create a complete listing of electronic records by client.

Searchable Client History Data

Client information is easily searchable through sorted views or by full-text search capabilities.

Annual Client Archiving

Clients which have been discharged are moved to the read only archive database after all tax preparations for the past year are completed.

Variable Statistics Reports

Create any report you want by using a variety of date ranges and filters to look at client information in your own way any time you want without specialized development costs.

Balance Reports

Generate traditional accounting balance reports for any time period and any client.

Bank Account Segregation

Set up separate accounts for any client to track individual checking accounts separate from the master checking account.

Batch Checks

Allow checks to be generated to a single amount for specified bills and vendor to eliminate additional postage and check printing costs.

Blank Check Stock Printing

Print checks directly to blank check stock including all check details, mailing address, MICR routing and account numbers along with authorization signatures.

Client Financial Information Separated Into Individual Accounts

Create your own account codes to track and sub account balance for any client along with any unique transaction code.

Deposit Reports

Create detailed deposit reports to take with cash and check deposits..

Description Of Fees

Fee collection can be identified and reported for various court reports at the individual level.

Electronic Bank Reconciliation

Utilize bank provided files to reconcile all banking transactions.

Multiple Checking Accounts In Single Data Store

Combine multiple checking accounts in the same database if clients are using different banking locations for different office sites.

Overdraft Protection

System automatically protects from any client overdrawing their portion of the checking account and sends email notification to the creator of the scheduled bill for adjustment.

Reoccurring And Schedule Bill Payments

Enter bills as you receive them and schedule them to be paid for a future date. Bills can also be entered with re-occurring dates (Annually, semi-annually, quarterly and weekly) to eliminate repetitive data entry.

Accounting Defined Transaction Codes

Transaction codes can be set up and associated with available for bills or specific to accounting journal entries. Additionally transaction codes can be associated with a vendor to help provide proper codes for all payments.

Automated Check Processing

Checks are printed from the AIM System with MICR encoding, logos and signatures. The integration of the folding machine and postage meter provides an automated check process.

Automatic Bank Fees And Interest Posting

Automatically post appropriate amounts of bank fees and interest to all clients based on available funds at the time of the transaction.

Check Usage Analysis Reports

Monitor all check printing to vendors and clients to determine highest volume check usage as candidates for ACH and batch payments.

Contract Versus Private Pay Analysis

View a detailed report showing private pay fees that would have been generated for all contract activities to use in analyzing your contract profitability.

Customizable Contract Information

Create and assign specific monthly fees and costing to as many contracts as you need.

Multiple Contracts Per Client

Assign up to two contracts for any client in the system.

No Month End Processing

Never worry about closing the month or losing monthly data that was stored as a total again. The system never requires a closing of the month or the end of the year.

Partial Case Note Payments

Establish billing rules to collect partial payments of client fees for clients that are unable to pay entire amount. The system will automatically maintain and collect the balances as they become available.

Partial Payment Of Invoices

Establish billing rules per bill to pay partial payments of any invoice in the system.

Scheduled Income Reports

Create a report at any time showing expected income compared to actual income for any client exceptions. Start managing your client funds instead of reacting to them.

Specific Payment Definitions

AIM requires that bills are categorized, tracked and paid based on pre-defined priorities and rules (for example, monthly fees, hourly fees, priority bills and standard bills).

ACH Invoice Information, Automatically Creates Billing

Import EDI information for electronic invoices to automatically enter bills into the system eliminating hours of manual entry and data entry errors.

Generate 1099 E-Z Form Information For Clients

Generate simple sheets for any client showing all the amounts to enter into 1040EZ tax form and starting generating a new income stream doing taxes for your clients.

Generate 1099 INT Information And Print Tax Forms

Generate and print 1099 INT tax forms for any client.

Generate 1099 Vendor Information And Print Tax Forms

Generate and print 1099 Vendor tax forms for any vendor. Set specific limits for reporting to filter out vendors.

Ability To Track And Archive Medical Information

All client information is stored for the entire time the client is active before being moved to a complete and read only archive database.

Automated Court Reports

Court reports, financial statements, and other specific reports can be generated for any client at any time, and for any date range.

Complete Transaction History For Client

Specific transaction details for all client activities for the history of the client are available and maintained even after the client is discharged and archived.

Customizable Over And Under Assets Reports

Client asset reports can be generate for over, under, and Medicaid reports with criteria identifiable by contract, date, status, asset amount, authority, and disability level.

Full Client Demographic Capture

Extensive demographic data can be recorded, tracked and reported on.

Identification Of Client Types

Clients can be tracked by any combination of 14 different authority types with full reporting on all client stats by authority.

Mileage Tracking And Payment

The ability to track mileage with case notes allows you to get a more accurate picture of service costs at the same time mileage is automatically accumulated for each employee to make expense payments easy.

Notes From Social Worker Field Visits

Case notes have been automated to minimize data entry by auto-populating client information for required fields. The case worker can focus on descriptive notes for a specific visit making case note entry faster and more useful.

Recording And Tracking Non-Cash Tangible Assets Held Outside Of Bank Accounts

Non-cash assets are tracked in the client record for each client. Additional functionality to track items by account, such as outside investments.

Store Client Photos

Easily import and view client photos along with client overall information.

Advanced Directive Tracking

The client face sheet provides for a prominent display of “Advance Directive” and “Medical Alert” indication with specific Directives listed.

Client Attrition Reporting

See specific reports on how attrition is effecting your client population.

Client Budget Management

Create client budgets and track client budget history.

Client Visit Management

Easily manage clinical visit schedules as well as generate compliance reporting.

New Client Notification

Automatic email notification and electronic follows up created according to specific profile fields, customizable by the end user.

Customizable Help Records

Create your own process rules and steps for any help record you want to create. Specify any record to any information all area for truly specific help and notes.

Store Any Attachment On Any Record

All AIM records have audit trail function to provide date time stamps and any notes or attachments.

More Features Added Every Day

Our exceptional group of AIM users are always coming up with new and exciting ideas for the AIM system. We regularly incorporate those ideas and roll out upgrades to all of our customers.


If there's a feature or capability you don't see here, give us a call, we'd love to talk about it.